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Georgian Oak Chest

Pale oak late Georgian chest of four drawers. Original surface & handles. English circa 1800. Width 94 cm Height 94 cm Depth 49 cm


Victorian Mahogany Buffet

English circa 1860. Width 102 cm Height 98 cm Depth 42 cm


Victorian Painted Chair

Mid Victorian bedroom or side chair with original painted finish & recently re-rushed seat. Height 84 cm Seat 41 cm x 35 cm


Mahogany China Cupboard

Single door, mahogany hanging cupboard. Circa 1900 Height 90 cm Width 79 cm Internal depth 19 cm


Two Large Narrow Mirrors

Two nicely aged old mirror plates from an Edwardian shop cabinet. Now mounted in ebonised wooden frames. W 188cm H 28cm

£340 each

18th century Italian mirror

With much of its original gilding and a replacement old mirror plate. H 46cm


Wood Grained Cupboard

A small wooden cupboard with original wood grained painted finish. English late 19th century. H 81cm W 44cm D 26cm


Bamboo Drinks Trolley

A Riviera style drinks trolley. French circa 1930. W 75cm H 69cm D 45cm

£240 Reserved

Anglo-Japanese Side Table

Walnut. English circa 1880. W. 2' 6" H. 2' 2" D. 1' 3"


Set of Six Rosewood Chairs

Six solid Rosewood chairs. French circa 1860. H 2' 11" W 1' 6" D 1' 7"


William IV Chairs

Pair of painted side chairs. English circa 1830. H 3' 8" W 1' 4" D 1' 2"


Tall Back Oak Chair

Queen Anne, oak with pine seat. English circa 1720. H 3' 11" W 1' 6" D 1' 7"


Gothic Wall Cupboard

Gothic Revival wall cupboard/shelves. Oak. English circa 1860. W 2' 5" H 2' 10" D 6"


Georgian Painted Chairs

George III painted & gilded beech. Worn but untouched original paint. English circa 1820

£280 each. Three available

Tile Top Table

Oak table with inset green tiles. British circa 1920. H 2' 4" W 2'


Welsh oak dresser

Carmarthenshire late 18th century. H 6' W 4'11" D 1' 4"


Mahogany Display Case No.1

An Ewardian mahogany counter top display case. Two shelves & two doors to the back. H 72cm W 54cm D 36cm


Oak Counter Top Display case

An Edwardian shop display case with two glass shelves & two rear sliding doors. Circa 1900. H 67cm W 68cm D 34cm


Map chair

Antique Steamer chair recovered by Saffron. Showing the Norfolk coast at Stiffkey, Morston, & Blakeney. H 91 W 46 D 107cm

£950 Reserved

Georgian steel and black fender

George IV polished steel and black fender. English circa 1830. W 4' 5" H 10" D 11"


Glass Display Case No.2

Plate glass shop display case with two shelves & two sliding doors to rear. English 1960s. H 45cm W 76cm D 31cm


Child's rocking chair

A country made rocking chair, fruitwood, elm & oak British early 19th century H 2' 6" W 1' 5" D 1' 9"


Mosaic table top

Broken china mosiac made by Luke on an oak Arts & Crafts table base. H 2' 6" W 2' 8" D 2' 2"


Ebonised Counter Top Display Case

Edwardian ebonised mahogany display case. With drawer to base & four shelves. British circa 1900. H 66cm W 67cm D 28cm


Arts & Crafts Table

Lamp or wine table. Oak English circa 1880. Height 71 cm Top 33 cm x 35 cm


Aesthetic Movement Chair

Ebonised & Gilt with upholstered seat. Probably Continental circa 1880. Height 83 cm Seat 45 cm x 40 cm


Hatherley Patent Easel Table

A teak folding table which doubles as an easel. English circa 1910. H69cm W56cm D46cm


Designer's Drawing Board

Draughtman's or Architect's drawing board made by Admel 1960s


Mahogany Stick Stand

Turned mahogany with steel drip tray. English 19th century. W. 2' H. 1' 4" D. 9"


Folding Field Easel

Beech with brass fittings. English circa 1900. H as shown 3' 7" W 2' D 1' 11"


LLoyd Loom Chair

Large Lloyd Loom chair with old weathered paint. New cushion made with vintage fabric English 1930s H 3' 2" W 2' 3" D 2' 4"


Painted Georgian Shelves

Set of small pine shelves with original painted surface. English circa 1800. H** W** D**


William VI Chairs

Pair of beech chairs decorated to look like Rosewood. English circa 1840 H** W** D**


William Morris Chair

Ebonised chair made by Morris & Co. English circa 1880 H** W** D** Some wear to original rush seat.


Bentwood Chair

Austrian circa 1900. With new box cushion. H 3' 3" W 1' 10" D 1' 10"


Small Oak Coffer

English 18th century. W 3' H 1' 10" D 1' 4"


The Brooks Drawing Stand

Draughtsman's table, oak. English circa 1930. H 6' W 3' 7" D 2' 4"


Oak Bedside Cupboard

In the style of Heals, English 1930s. H 2' 8" W' 1' 3" D 1'


Mahogany Shop drawers

Victorian shop drawers. Pine carcase with mahogany fronts & handles. English circa 1900 W 5' 4 1/2" H 1' 1 1/4" D 9 1/4"


Venetian Mirror

Painted & gilt carved wood with old glass. Italian 19th century. 2' 2" x 1' 4"


Syrian Table

Tea table veneered with mother of pearl & exotic woods. Circa 1920. H 2' W 1' 2"


Workshop Stool

Height adjustable. English 1960s H 1' 8" at lowest


Sculpter's Stand

Pine with layers of old paint. H 2' 2" W 1' 7" D 1' 1"


Art Deco Side Table

Veneered in walnut & burr walnut. English 1930s. H 1' 7" W 1' 5" D 1' 2"


Painted Bookcase

Pine bookcase in original scumbled green & brown paint. English or Irish circa 1900 H 3'2" W 2' D 6 1/2"


Georgian Polescreen

George III mahogany polescreen with original needlepoint. English circa 1800. H 4'4"


George II Bureau

George II walnut Bureau. English circa 1740. W 89cm H 104cm D 54cm


Penguin Bookcase

Beaver & Tapley oak Penguin bookcase. English 1950s. H 2' 10" W 2' 4" D 7"


Oak & Leather Magazine Rack

Oak & Leather Magazine Rack. 1950s H 1' 5" W 1' 4" D 10"


Wrought Iron Garden Bench

Victorian bench frame with replaced seat & back slats. English circa 1900. H 2 ' 7" W 7' 1" H 2' 7"


Heals Wall Cupboard

Teak wall cupboard with chrome handles. With Heals button inside door. 1930s. H 8" W 2' 6" D 9"


Bamboo Cabinet

Edwardian bamboo cabinet with glass cuboard doors & mirror to top. English circa 1880. H 5' 11" W 2' 2" D 1'


Pair Bobbin Chairs

William IV stained beech with recaned seats. English circa 1830. H 89cm W 45cm D 39cm


Regency Mirror

Regency gilt mirror with reverse painted print & old foxed plate. English circa 1820. 53cm x 35cm


Medium Size Tailor's Mirror

Simple frame with original mirror plate. English circa 1920. H 5' W 2'


Small Size Mahogany Display Case

A Victorian ebonised mahogany display case. With lift out tray & mirrored door. English circa 1900. W 41cm H 11cm D 24cm


Large Tailor's Mirror

Simple frame with original mirror plate. English circa 1920. H 7' W 2' 3"


Folk Art Lamp Table

Marquetry top on pine base. British 19th century H 2' 10"


Glass Display Case No.1

A plate glass counter top display case. English 1960s. Two shelves with door to back with lock & key. H 61cm W 38cm D 32cm


Loose Covered Chair

Edwardian armchair with loose cover made by Saffron from vintage French linen with velvet piping. H 86cm W 84cm D 100cm


1970s Chairs

Set of four teak chairs. English 1970s. Seats recovered in vintage linen. H 2' 9" W 1' 6" D 1' 4"


Railway Desk

Pine desk with original red stain from a Railway office in Melton Constable, Norfolk. Circa 1880. H 76cm W 138cm D 76cm


Geirgian Oval Mirror

George III mirror with traces of original gilding & replacement old very foxed plate. English circa 1780. 47cm x 68cm


Estate Desk

A late Georgian mahogany Estate Desk. English circa 1820. H 82cm W 120cm D 53cm


Finnish side tables

A pair of Isku moulded wood & glass side tables. Finland 1971. H 51cm W 42cm D 32cm


Painted Bedroom Chair

Early Victorian with untouched original paint. English circa 1840. H 82cm W39cm D36cm


Tall Oak Cupboard

An unusually narrow oak cupbord made from 18th century elements. H 210cm W 60cm D 38cm


Walnut Lowboy

An English early 18th century walnut lowboy. H 71cm W 78cm D 47cm


Small Fender

A Regency painted iron & brass fender. English circa 1830. H 24cm W 71cm D 28cm


Butler's Tray

A Georgian Mahogany Butler's tray with stand. English circa 1800. H 76cm W 79cm D 52cm


Regency painted Table

A pine side table with restored original paint. English circa 1830. W 92cm H 73cm D 48cm


Colonial trunk

Colonial camphor wood leather covered & brass studded trunk. Circa 1820 W 3' H 1' 4" D 1' 6"


Garden chair

Iron & platted wire garden chair. French 19th century. H 2' 10" W 1' 3" D 1' 4"


Painted chair

Regency painted bedroom chair. English circa 1830. H 2' 10" W 1' 6" D 1' 3"


Georgian Candlestand

18th century Fruitwood Candlestand. Replacement brass thumbscrew. H 7" D 6"


18th century Bookstand

Walnut Bookstand 18th century possibly Italian. W 1' 1" H 5" D 11"


Giltwood cresting

A finely carved & gilded Georgian cresting. Engish or Scottish circa 1800. With good original gilding. W 5' H 1' D 4 1/2"



Pine & elm bench with traces of old paint. English circa 1830. W 6' H 2' 7" D 1' 5"


Industrial frame

A large frame made from a galvanised & rivitted tank. 4' 1" X 3' 3"


Georgian steel fender

George IV polished steel fender. English circa 183. W 4' 5" H 9" D 10"


Regency chest

English mahogany Regency chest of drawers with ebony handles. Circa 1830. H 2' 0" W 3' 5" D 1' 8"


Cocktail cabinet

Cocktail or drinks cabinet with built in lighting. British 1950s. H. 2' 7" W. 3' 5" D. 7"



A Victorian wash copper made of copper with wonderful old verdigris. H 2' W 1'4"


Victorian Olive wood lamp table

The Olive wood centre banded with ebony, lace wood, mahogany & oak. English circa 1880. H 2' 2" W. 1' 8"


Regency lowboy

Regency mahogany lowboy with ebony inlay. English circa 1830. H 1' 8" W 2' 6" D 1' 10"


South Staffordshire country chair

Mid 19th century. H 2' 10" W 1' 6" D 1' 3"


Georgian cellaret

George III mahogany & satinwood inlaid cellaret. English circa 1790. H 2' "2 W 1' 7" D 1' 3"


Lloyd Loom chairs

Chairs circa 1930. Reverse applique cushions made by Saffron H 3' W 2' 6" D 2' 3"


Set of Six Utility Chairs

Apparently these chairs were based on 19th century East Anglian country chairs with their comfortable dished seats. H 2' 8" W 1' 5" D 1' 3"


Hatherley Patent Easel Table

An oak folding table which doubles as an easel. Marked Hatherley Patent. English circa 1910. H69cm W56cm D46cm